About this blog…

Hello friends and fellow bloggers,

Welcome to A Happy Discovery.

Presently I am a student in the Provincial Instructional Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College. This blog is part of a course requirement and is dedicated to teaching and learning.  You’ll find some great resources, reflections, and hopefully you’ll discover something that makes you happy along the way.

I hope to one day soon take the show on the road and teach my way around a few places,  for awhile.   I do intend to keep at least one of my blogs going (using more of a journal format) long after the course is finished ~ so keep in touch.

My other blog is ‘Express’: http://peakexpression.wordpress.com

I love hearing from you! Feel free to drop a line if you have any comments or experiences you want to share.


Shark dive, UnderWater World                           Still swimming with sharks ~ but now we’re making friends!


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