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A short video on what RSS is -a system for aggregating your favorite sites!

RSS | Common Craft.


Blogging in the Classroom: A 4-Step Guide

Students and teachers have a lot to say. They’re learning things every day and gaining knowledge by the boatload. What better way to express themselves than by blogging? It’s important to not get distracted by the technology that powers the blogging platform. As this visualization from the always wonderful langwitches explains, 21st century skills are learned and enhanced by blogging in the classroom.


This simple and straightforward guide should help any teacher, student, or school administrator considering a start down the blog path. It’s worth printing out and keeping by your classroom computer in case anyone needs a quick refresher on why and how to blog!

blogging in the classroom

A Visual Guide To Every Single Learning Theory Added by Jeff Dunn on 2013-06-14 inShare100 193 This concept map is elaborate and downright incredible. Robert Millwood built this behemoth and you should be sure to head over to his site to thank him and learn more about the Holistic Approach to Technology Enhanced Learning (HoTEL). In any case, this detailed analysis and chart of every single learning theory is worth zooming in and studying.